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These wines are no longer on sale, but we present these notes for those people who did obtain some of previous releases and have managed to hold on to them.

2009 Vintage

2009 Viognier, Central Coast
This elegant Viognier confounds all who dare sip of its honey-colored waters. Imbibers are lured in with intoxicating aromas of honeysuckle and jasmine, but they dare not leave once their tongue has tasted the exotic cacophony of flavors: mouthwatering citrus, Asian pears, quince and vanilla. One sip leads to a glass then a bottle and once finished, you may find yourself wondering if it was all just a dream.

2007 Vintage

2007 Viognier, Central Coast
Locked away in a castle forgotten by time, the fair maiden awaits for her true love’s kiss. Approaching the castle grounds the air is saturated with aromas of freesia, honeysuckle, orange blossom and eucalyptus. The first step inside leads to an experience of a rich palate of peaches, cantaloupe and tangerine that gives way to a decadent kiss of walnut oil, quince and vanilla. As with all great fairytales, this radiant and full-bodied wine will entice you to partake time and again. Enjoy with a warm salad of winter fruits, endives and pancetta, or pan-friend shrimp with lemon and ouzo.

2007 Viognier, Stolpman Vineyard
Sultry sunbeams dapple an array of brightly colored flowers wafting gently in a warm breeze. Aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and rose mingle pleasantly with the scent of freshly trimmed grass and morning dew. Using fruit sourced from the esteemed Stolpman Vineyard, one sip of this lovely Viognier will conjure feelings of tranquility and Zen. Breathe a sigh of contentment as you taste the palate full of Asian pears, peaches and vanilla; serenity has never tasted so good!

2006 Vintage

2006 Viognier, Stolpman Vineyard
Like a sun-kissed blonde running down the beach, this wine conjures up thoughts of summer flings and sweet honey finishes. With a nose full of apricots, peaches and pears there is no denying that this is a true Rhône-style Viognier. A smooth, rounded mouthfeel is followed by a long butterscotch finish reminiscent of the Stolpman Vineyard. The limestone soil and sloping terrain add a touch of minerality to the delicious fruit bowl bounding out of the bottle. Enjoy this wine with a spicy Thai dish or freshly-caught sole.

2006 Clairvoyant
Yummy! Delicious! Outstanding! Just a few of the enthusiastic words we’ve heard to describe this blend over the years, and we couldn’t agree more. A favorite among the staff, there is something so satisfying about a wine that offers an intoxicating nose, a smooth palate, and a long smoky finish without any harsh edges or overly tart aspects. Based on the Chateuaneuf du Pape region of the southern Rhône Valley this blend is known for its perfect harmony of acidity and tannins offering a mouthful of berry flavors while also providing the toasty middle palate associated with the wonderful varietal Mourvedre. In the end, this wine is just lovely and perfect for an afternoon picnic in the rose garden with a bowl full of cherries to indulge.

2006 Sibylline
Immediately identified by a resolute fearlessness and fortitude to speak its mind, the Sibylline is a Rhône blend not to be questioned. Named after the Greek prophetesses known as the Sibyls, who professed the future to all passerbys, the Sibylline lures its audience in with a vibrant bouquet of cassis, blackberries and jasmine. Unable to resist these alluring aromas, you become engaged in a decadent palate of bright fruits and vanilla that culminates in a smoky cranberry and white pepper finish. This wine will leave you wanting more, and will tempt your palate long after the last sip is gone. Can you handle the truth?

2006 Mourvedre
Shakespeare could have written romances about its soft and courteous character, Lancelot could have wooed his Queen by its gentle seductiveness, Lorenzo DeMedici could have defended Florence through its courage and fortitude…if only they had Carina Cellars 2006 Mourvedre at their disposal. We are the lucky ones, so take advantage of this wine’s smoky nose and playful pallet. Strawberry and cherry abound with hints of raspberry and tobacco on the finish. With a power and willingness to serve others, this wine offers the makings of a story that will be with you for many years to come. 125 cases produced.

2006 Syrah, Halter Ranch Vineyard ~Paso Robles
Halter Ranch is located on the Westside of Paso Robles, an area known around the world for producing top quality Rhone varietals; their 250-acre vineyard sits amidst a historic 900 acre ranch that captures the history and tradition of Paso Robles while showcasing the future of the area as a premier wine growing region. Enjoy the big fruit flavors and firm tannins of this wine with a New York strip steak or marinated lamb shank. 234 cases produced.

2006 Syrah, Morehouse Vineyard
See the girl with the red dress on/She can do the Birdland all night long. Ray Charles’ “lady in red” is not one to compare with this voluptuous Syrah. Her scent precedes her with a bouquet of ripe red raspberries, cassis and a lingering hint of cinnamon and earth. Then you see her, and that initial sight (err sip) reveals first a smokiness that opens up into a palate of black cherries and cranberries, then lingers with a spicy mix of cocoa and clove. An unparalleled wine such as this will continue to age well into 2013, and is best enjoyed after allowing to decant. Pair with braised short ribs and celery-root pancakes…and a healthy dose of the birdland.

2006 Syrah, Tierra Alta Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley
Deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest, nestled amongst the lush green trees laden with the sweet aroma of morning dew, the rogue awaits his true love. The fair maiden approaches with an effeminate air of lavender and rosemary, which is instantly met by his bold kiss of blackberries and black cherries. Their matches met, the couple steals away with graceful agility, leaving behind lingering hints of strawberries, olallieberries and a moment of peppery love that will not soon be forgotten. As all timeless tales go, this wine will be one to treasure for the next 5-7 years, but the stories that accompany each bottle will live on forever.

2005 Vintage

2005 Viognier, Rancho Arroyo Grande
Beneath a darkening, seated at a patio table covered with yesterday’s Sun, relaxing on the shores of the Chesapeake with the first bushel ready to be served and a nutcracker in hand. The smells of serenity erupt with a glass in hand: banana and orange blossoms, white peaches, tangerine, jasmine, and lemon zest. A perfect compliment to the best the Atlantic has to offer with flavors of mandarin orange, papaya and apricot as well as the quintessential libation for an evening of fun with lychee, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Reaching for a glass opaque with Old Bay fingerprints, the first night of a weeklong affair begins with a beach house, friends and a sailboat tied to the dock.

2005 Viognier, Stolpman Vineyard
It’s gorgeous out, and you won’t be going anywhere for quite some time. Not that you would want to, sitting as you are on a second story balcony overlooking the metropolis of Los Olivos. Embellished stories are shared, although few are true. Jokes, some funny but most not, are repeated for the umpteenth time. Laughter resonates so loudly and so often that people walking below wonder what they are missing. And while we should be telling you about the uniqueness of this wine –aromas of citrus, mango, papaya and honeysuckle blossoms with flavors of peach, apricot, honeydew and lemon zest- it is moments like these that keep us sane and justify pouring one “last” glass of wine, putting off today’s responsibilities until tomorrow. Story based on actual events.

2005 Viognier, Central Coast
Somewhere in the single digit latitudes (does it really matter where?) a warm breeze brings the essences and aromas of a secluded paradise. The sweet, musty smell of tropical flowers, pineapples and mangos, pink grapefruit, pears and kiwi all saturate your senses, taking you further from the hustle and bustle of reality. The flavors of Eden are yours to savor – plantains, tangerines, lychee and guava- a cornucopia of indulgence, garnished with a little honeysuckle and lemongrass. This is what life is all about…no phone, no watch… no wine, blasted! … where did that bottle run off to?

2005 7 Percent
Your most carnal desires are exposed with one sip, and there is no turning back. Captured by charisma-cola, sage and raspberry- seduced by sensuous vices –cherry blossoms, violets and anise- and enamored with a kiss so decadent your head swirls –strawberries and coffee- forcing you to sanguinely succumb with intoxicated lust. Laying back, eyes closed, you release your inhibitions with another needed sip of sin that confuses your wont of blackberries, cocoa and cassis with a lust for pomegranate, cloves, cinnamon and blueberries. Not humbled by a previously undisclosed impulsive behavior, you embrace a newfound desire and indulge at every available moment.

2005 Grenache, Central Coast
The lingering hints of vanilla scented candles, scattered rose petals beneath a clothes strewn floor, and still-warm satin sheets infused with a cherry/strawberry perfume greet a morning that arrived all too quickly. Meandering through spice and spontaneity you head towards the kitchen where a cup of vanilla nut coffee welcomes you beside a bowl of blood oranges, plums, pink grapefruit and white peaches. The soft wisp of sheer fabric and delicate fingertips upon your shoulder are prelude to a smooth embrace conjuring memories of an unforgettable night that doesn't end with sunrise. With no need to carry forward, time stops, fortunate enough to witness events no one would describe. Sold Out!

2005 Petite Sirah, Thompson Vineyard
With an intensity that makes Louis Armstrong sound like a tenor, this Petite Sirah is like a crushed red velvet suit walking down the streets of New Orleans. Belting out the chorus to “Hello Dolly!” this wine brings a touch of brown sugar and sweet cigar smoke to a lingering hint of blackberry and cocoa on the palate. The lights dim and the dark opaque hue leads into a finish of white sage and indulgence, asking even the casual sipper to “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” One can’t deny this wine is timeless and full of soul so lay it down for those special moments in life when you’re feeling inspired and a bit frisky.

2005 Petite Sirah Central Coast
Coming in at approximately 4,000 planted acres in California, Petite Sirah (a.k.a Duriff) is almost as obscure as Mourvedre to the Californian wine market. This grape has a long and meandering history throughout France and the US and enjoys being a source of constant dispute regarding its pedigree and nobility. Without worrying too much about the academics Carina Cellars is proud to be producing top quality Petite Sirah and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. With opulence unlike other reds, this Petite Sirah offers mouth-watering flavors of boysenberry and blackberry with thick, smoky tannins begging for some barbequed tri-tip. This varietal is most-known for its ageing potential so don't hesitate to lay it down for 8-10 years. Your patience will be rewarded!

2005 Clairvoyant
Opened this out of my personal collection and loved every second of it! This was always a favorite and I was extremely happy that I opened it, even though it will still hold for another 3 years. Hopefully you have more than one at home.
Jody December 2007

2005 Mourvedre, Central Coast
With a nose that will transport you to the shores of the Rhone River, this Mourvedre is the epitome of the toasty, gamey wine that is slowly making a name for itself in the new world. Native to Spain, Mourvedre is also known as Monastrell or Mataro and flourishes in warm, arid climates with maritime breezes like that of southern France and the Central Coast. There are about 500 acres planted in California and that number grows every year as consumers discover the smooth delights of this wonderful varietal. A bouquet of clove and thyme leads into a soft palate of cranberries and cherries, finishing with hints of white pepper and cocoa. The roasted, smoky aspect of this wine makes it the perfect complement to Syrah/Grenache blends like the "Clairvoyant," but its rich flavor allows it to stand alone as well. Pair this wine with barbequed meats and grilled veggies for a great summertime party.

2005 Great Oaks Vineyard
Sleigh rides in winter, fresh cherries with sugar, long walks by rivers, candles at dinner...these are a few of my favorite things...pomegranate juice over vanilla ice cream, hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows, roaring wood fires and fanciful dreams...these are a few of my favorite things...Carina Cellars Great Oaks Syrah...this is my favorite thing! Great Oaks Vineyard sits among the rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley amidst the warm days and cool nights that give Syrah its balance and finesse. Enjoy this wine with only your best of friends because we didn’t make much; and like all good friends, it will get better with age.

2005 Syrah, Morehouse Vineyard
Softly building, never backing down, the symphony evolves - cranberry, cherry and blackberry - the strings take the stage - cigar, pepper, and earth - the crowd braces for the explosive finish. Beethoven's 5th in a bottle. Morehouse Vineyard is one of the few vineyards on the central coast to plant the Durrell clone of Syrah. This clone is known for its softer side revealing an elegance and charisma all its own. One sip reveals its unique character while being surprisingly familiar to the palate. Full of berries and balanced between tannins and acidity, this well crafted wine is the perfect accompaniment to roasted pheasant with a side of garlic couscous and grilled asparagus.

2005 Syrah, Westerly Vineyard
Instantly fresh and tart, like a homemade berry pie on a summer day, this wine is reminiscent of warm breezes and intoxicating aromas. With an essence of pomegranate that will stain your hands and a mouthfeel bursting with cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries there are plenty of bright fruits to please the senses. A touch of nutmeg on the nose balances the crisp acidity that is characteristic of Westerly Vineyard while a soft structure complements the subtle tannins. Pair with seared duck breast and a classic spring salad for a winning combination of sweet and savory.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Robert Craig Vineyard, Napa Valley
Opulent and intoxicating, this wineis a wealth of flavor and structure. Located in the Howell Mountain region of Napa Valley, this vineyard enjoys cool breezes and plenty of sunshine, and its high elevation leaves it in a class all its own. The fruit it produces is rich with elegant tannins and robust character, resulting in a wine with a nose full of blackberries, currants, and mocha, followed by a spicy touch of mint and anise. Finally, a wave of cran-raspberry and dark plum washes over the palate, leaving every sip as mouth-watering as the last.

2004 Vintage

2004 Viognier Stolpman Vineyard
On the palate this wine exhibits citrus flavors highlighted by tropical tastes of guava and lychee. With a slight mineral touch on the finish this wine has a nice acidity to balance its full mouth feel. Always an excellent match with seafood, this Viognier will also pair well with paella, or can be enjoyed out on the veranda on those warm summer evenings.

2004 Viognier, Santa Barbara County
A floral aroma laced with essences of guava, citrus and light stone fruits encouraging you to savor it as quickly as you can pop the cork. Closing your eyes, the first sip sends you to a tropical oasis with flavors of apricot, white peach, and honeydew while a refreshingly soft minerality lingers towards the finish. Serve this wine on the patio with a bowl of fresh fruit, or try pairing with fresh sole and mango salsa. Best enjoyed over the next 2-4 years.

2004 Clairvoyant
A classic Chateauneuf du Pape blend, this wine is composed of the three most noble Rhône varietals. On the nose, aromas of bright blackberries, raspberries and cherries jump from the glass while background notes of coffee, leather, and sweet herbs mask an underlying hint of dried strawberries. And while the palate is loaded with blueberry, blackberry, and boysenberry with a light, toasty oak flavor, the perceptive mind will also notice a sage, clove, and spicy cherry finish that leaves a lasting impression. The bright fruit of this wine makes it an excellent match with grilled quail beneath a raisin port sauce although the underlying tannins indicate this wine will peak between 2007 and 2009.

2004 Grenache, Tierra Alta Vineyard
Joyfully walking hand in hand, warm spring sun high in the sky, a midweek sojourn to escape the complexities of work and the responsibilities of life becomes a moment transcending the boundaries of time. Overt glances lead to a soft kiss, complementing a lovers’ stroll through a secluded meadow filled with aromas of cherry blossoms, anise, prickly blackberry bushes and silky petals of roses and violets. Distracted by her intoxicating perfume of sweet raspberries and cranberries, seduced by cinnamon lips, ensnared by a delicate taste of pomegranate, sage and nutmeg, you pull her into a tighter embrace- and a deeper kiss. Youthful inhibitions are ignored, passion becomes the flavor of the moment, and another taste is yours to enjoy. 137 cases produced

2004 Mourvedre, Camp 4 Vineyard
A rich garnet in color, this wine perfumes the nose with raspberries and strawberries while subtle herb, toast, and leather tones fortify the background. Primarily used as a blending grape, this wine shows a full mouth feel with bright cherries and blueberries with light hints of sage and oak. With firm tannins and solid fruit, Mourvedre is suitable for aging and should develop splendidly over the next 7 to 9 years, or as the quintessential food wine, pair itl with your favorite steak tonight.

2004 “7 Percent”
A seductive temptress behind a sequined silver mask, capturing your attention the moment her dark ruby color catches your wayward glance. Stealing your imagination with wisps of bright cherries and black currants, creating fantasies with silky hints of raspberries and peaches, and clouding your mind in anticipation of the next fleeting glimpse. Courage arises and a taste ensues - obvious nuances of strawberries, raspberries, and cassis- followed by a more intimate (and flirtatious) connection over black cherries, blueberries, and blackberries eventually leading into a night that quickly turns into morning. Tomorrow is a new day.

I opened this just because I love it, but realized I should have let it sit longer. Still has a lot of growing to do…can’t wait to try it again in a few years. I would say drink by 2012-2015. Don’t get me wrong it was still amazing, but if you’re ageing, let it sit.
Jody, December 2007

2004 Syrah, Westerly Vineyard
There is no subtlety here. Raw, exposed, full of an intense heat that simply overwhelms the senses, breaks down defenses, and conquers. Giacoma Casanova had nothing on this wine. A maestro in the glass, its presence seduces – violets, anise and cloves- its charisma intoxicates – blackberry, blueberry, smoke and white pepper- its balance and finesse become infused to your lust. With guilty anticipation you take your first sip, and are immediately lost into waves of selfish pleasure. Bright cheeks, a self produced smile, and you become the hunter relentlessly pursuing his prey. Who can resist – nuances of dark cherries, currants and cranberries - who can break away – cocoa, cinnamon, and cassis - who can secede? New loves, and broken dreams, desire and resent, lust and abstinence…Casanova was immortalized for his daring endeavors, what do you have to lose?

Always a crowd pleaser, this wine still has its big, bold fruity component. If you are waiting for it to mellow out definitely push it to the back of your cellar. If you want the big fruit enjoy a bottle tonight, but make sure you have some left for the future, you will want to watch this one evolve.
Jody December 2007

2004 Syrah, Tierra Alta Vineyard
With elegance that only angels possess, gliding into the room amidst a potpourri of cherries, blueberries, and pomegranate, she captures your imagination with lavender perfume and obliterates your inhibitions with nuances of nutmeg, sage, and toffee. In a move of selfish spontaneity, you embrace desire and delve into a kiss loaded with all the flavors of passion –strawberries, pomegranate, cassis and cherries. A Sirens song of coffee and cola expose diabolic intentions saturating your soul with lust. An evening of black ties and red dresses becomes a night of stolen moments and necessary sin, compressing the wonders of eternity into one moment.

2004 Syrah Camp 4 Vineyard
A secluded cabin deep in the woods sets the scene as you gaze into a warm fire daydreaming of events shared on a weekend escape. A relaxed sigh brings in the aromas of your surroundings - smoke from the fire, the dusty leather sofa, cocoa and cinnamon from a stolen interlude on the porch - and the perfume of blackberries and cherries announce the arrival of the one you love. A passionate embrace leads into a warm kiss and all bets are off as your head explodes into all the sensations of the evening –spice and pepper from a candlelit dinner, chocolate from an earlier indulgence, raspberries, blueberries, and currants from dessert. Succumbing to the mood of the evening you pour two more glasses of wine, stoke the fire, and return to the arms of the one you love.

2004 Syrah Clone 877
If Ponce de Leon had found the Fountain of Youth, this wine would be flowing from it. Dionysus had this in his chalice at any, and every, one of his raucous parties, and Marie Antionette used this to wash down her cake. The alluring perfume of chocolate covered black cherries, blackberries and dried strawberries indicate that if you pour this on a third date, you better have some Viognier and orange juice on hand to pour the next morning. And there is nothing like the taste of cherries, cranberries and cassis to accentuate a special anniversary with that unique lust and passion that has made these past years so memorable, and this night unforgettable. Spicy raspberries, cinnamon and clove bring up memories of a sensuous trip where you both came back without any tan lines. Decadence has no morals, no inhibitions and no boundaries - take the plunge. It’s never too soon to dive back in.

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